Mission, Values, History, Principles

Our Principles

Ashfield Baptist Homes Limited (ABH) is a not for profit organisation providing quality aged care services in the Inner West of Sydney. ABH is a ministry of Ashfield Baptist Church. Our links with the Church are important to us, as are those with the local community, other aged care providers and industry associations.

Faith, and our conviction that genuine faith is evidenced by good works1, has always been the driving force in our endeavours. We seek to follow the example of Jesus2 and are motivated by his command to “love your neighbour as yourself”3 and his parable about the Good Samaritan who ministered with compassion to a stranger and foreigner.4

We believe all people are made in the image of God5 and have intrinsic worth that does not diminish with age or infirmity. Therefore we will maintain and enhance each person’s quality of life and individuality, treating them with dignity, respect and justice. We will also provide responsive and personalised care that encompasses the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of our residents.

We will strive to be good and faithful stewards of our resources including environmental, financial and human resources, recognising that they have been entrusted to us by God6. We affirm the central role of our staff and volunteers and the value of their work. We are committed to providing continuing staff development, a safe workplace and an environment that respects cultural diversity, gender equality and encourages the demonstration of our values.

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Our Mission

To make a positive difference to people in need by providing care based on Christian principles.

Our Values

Our History

In the early 1930s Mrs Ann Scurr, a Christian nurse, felt a need to provide a place of refuge for elderly ladies. Mrs Scurr found a suitable location for her facility (Bethel) and by 1933 had three extra nurses join the team.

By 1950 Mrs Scurr had given nearly two decades to her cause. Against great odds, she had brought Bethel into being during an economic depression and World War.

Upon Mrs Scurr’s retirement, Ashfield Baptist Church took over the lease of the Nursing Home. Within a short time, Bethel began a period of reinvigoration. The need for increased accommodation for aged people was beginning to become a public topic and demands on Bethel were increasing.

In May of 1985 Bethel was registered with the National Companies and Securities Commission and became Ashfield Baptist Homes Limited.